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This is the method:

1) Sign up to blogger
2) sign up to hitleap
3) Make a blog and post a couple of things.
4) Go to shortest and shorten the URL of your blog
5) Go to and shorten the shortest blog link
6) Go back to blogger
4) then click 'template' and 'edit HTML'
5) On about line 4 of the code it should say <head> directly under that paste
<meta content='0.1;url=YOURURLHERE' http-equiv='refresh'/>
6) put your URL in the bit that says 'YOURURLHERE'
7) save the code
8) go to the normal URL for your blog
9) it should redirect you to the link after a few seconds
10) Paste your normal blogger link into hitleap
11) Use settings 10-15 seconds random duration, 500 views per hour and boost the link 3 times.
12) Download the hitleap app and start running it
13) You will start earning money on!

Please leave any questions in the comments :)

Good luck!

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