method of presentation and some important and weak points

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Today, we are going to talk about method of presentation. Is your presentation method is enough good that it clear the mind of students and there is no such special thing which you can include in your presentation to satisfy your listeners?  First of all you should build up your confidence. You should have enough courage that you can easily face whole class . Your eye contact with your audience is also very important.

You should not feel any hesitation to express your self in front of others. Secondly your presentation method should be like that it can easily understandable to others and they can understand your point of view and your concept. Third and the most important thing is that your presentation method should be like that which make the audience to take interest in your presentation. After that you should adopt such methods which can clear students mind. For example perform such activities which can easily understand able to your audience and related to your presentation topic.

Multimedia projector is also one of the important thing in presentation, you can present your topic on big screen and explain each and every thing more clearly and deeply. You can also present your topic on whiteboard by writing with your own hands and explained by your self. Take examples from your daily life to explain your topic more clearly. You should also prepare your mind for questions during lecture and prepare your topic enough good that you can easily answer that question.


In the last summarise your topic and select  some key points that you repeat in the end and explain your topic in few steps to memorize your students.

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