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Purple curtains, that’s what usually comes into my mind when I think of Dessert Factory. I had dined in at their Ayala Center branch but not yet in their Lahug branch until that Chinese New Year’s day when James, my husband and I opted to have dinner there.

I did mention in my previous blog that Lahug is an area here in Cebu City which is surrounded by several restaurants and cafes. And just across my husband’s office building is an array of restaurants. Most of the time, James would just let me choose wherever I wanted and that night, as I was looking into Google Mapsrestaurants nearby section, I couldn’t quite figure out where to go.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

So, I ended up suggesting the Dessert Factory. Now, don’t freak out just yet, I know the Dessert Factory restaurant gives huge importance to desserts as how its name suggests but they also offer meals and I thought I must grab their Mexican food options and that’s indeed what we had. Read more!

Dessert Factory

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

This two-story restaurant is just an across the street from James’ office, it didn’t take a lot of calorie burning before we reached its doorstep. Again, its purple interiors, wall decor, and curtains just make me think that I am about to enter a carnival, it’s weird but that’s how I felt. I don’t know why.

Compared to that in Ayala Center, this branch in Lahug is smaller and tighter, it has nine tables which can accommodate around nine couples or if combined for a bigger group, perhaps it can only keep three groups altogether. But I like their chairs, the right side tables which were facing the staircase to the second floor had transparent chairs.

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As we looked for a seat, at first I thought we should take the ones at the center where there’s good lighting but upon attempting to sit, I felt the cold wind brushing through my hair, their air conditioning was set to a very low temperature but its swing option looked like broken so all of the cold wind from the machine goes to the midsection of the restaurant.

I backed out and choose the side table instead, there were two occupied tables at the sides so I realized those couples also had the same experience as I did. The split air conditioner, by the way, looked old, it has these marks that show they had been repaired multiple times.

While I really want to go to the second floor, the staff stopped me and said that part is still close. Although I really want to see what’s up there, I can’t and I just let it be.

Food and Service

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Dessert Factory again takes pride in their dessert. They have different cake flavors and they are sought out by Cebuano locals for their good cakes. But that night, we were not after their sweets, instead, we were looking for dinner meals.

Their order pricing ranges from Php 100 to 300 per order which is good for one person only. Most meals already have a cup of rice included in it but the drinks have to be requested in separate.

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My eyes ran through the list, I found Taco Salad and immediately, I knew what to order. James love quesadillas so he also asked for one while ordering a meal of Smothered Tex-Mex Chicken which is just pieces of chicken and vegetables sauteed in Southwestern spices and smothered in cheddar cheese.

I already thought my Taco Salad won’t be enough because it was just good for one so I ended up ordering a meal, Chicken Parmigiana which is breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce, Mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese.

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Since I already had Cafe Mocha earlier at Tazza Cafe and Patisserie, I thought I had enough sugar so I didn’t order anything for the drinks. But James looked like hungry, or perhaps just curious as he ordered their Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Surprisingly, the last order came first, so of course we had to dig in and tried how it taste although we already have an idea that it's just hot chocolate with a twist, well the twist was that it was just cold, not frozen but with a few drops of chocolate and cream frosting on top. James liked it while I feel like it was just a so-so.

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Came next was my Taco Salad. I know, I know for a fact that this contains beef meat but I had to eat it because it was just so yummy! It looked appetizing and it tasted very nicely although their taco was just bits of nacho chips, it confused me a bit, I thought this was Taco Salad, I felt like it was Nachos Salad instead. Anyways, it was fulfilling that both James and I were feeling full while not yet consuming all of the salad. By that time, I already regret ordering my Chicken Parmigiana.

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Then James got his order, his Quesadillas and then finally, my plate came in, our small table was already full and we had to move them in a way that all of them gets into the table. So it felt like the Tex-Mex was what’s inside the Quesadillas, we only tried two slices and decided to ask the crew to pack it for us.

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I felt my Chicken Parmigiana was a little dry, I wished they had added more cheese. But James was satisfied with the Tex-Mex. I didn’t finish my chicken, so it went for our to-go pack as well. Obviously, we ordered more than we could eat. But, that also meant, I have something for breakfast the next day! All was good!


Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

Remembering how full I was that night in Dessert Factory was now making me crave for Taco or Nachos Salad. I wonder if other Mexican restaurants within the city offer the same. So far, I am in love with that salad, I will try to order more of that in the future, in other restaurants and we’ll see if they’ll give me tacos or nachos.

I had nothing to complain about their service, the wait time was fine, there was good music, the crew was attentive and very courteous with all their guests, and even packed our leftovers well.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Cloudinary

Now, if I could point out something that they can improve on that would definitely be their lighting and air conditioning. The lighting inside felt like we were in a cave, a cave where there are holes which allow some sunlight inside it.

Overall, I like this restaurant, and see myself returning in the future.


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