Mexico a beatiful place.

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I think Mexico it is a beatiful place for many good reasons: Mexico has one of the 7 wonders of the world, that's just the first one. The second is the most important, and delicious, yeah, you know what i'm talking about; Yes, it's the food. The Mexican food is the most delicious in the world (In my opinion), we have "Tacos", "Mole","Huaraches","Sopes", "Pozole"... and more. How delicious is the Mexican food!.

I was born in Mexico, and i've been living here 16 years, so i can't say more, 'cause i'm just a teenager, but it doesn't matter, in conclusion i fell comfortable here, i love the people here, i love my mom, i love my school, so, this place is always gonna be my favorite country.

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