“MEXICO AND ITS RICHES” with Digital Citizen Fund

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México is located in North America.

It’s a country that holds a rich history and is full of color, traditions, culture and natural beauty.  The corners of its earth and its resources are used by residents who are divided in 32 states.

It also has an approximately 91, 158, 290 of habitants, which are divided in 32 states.

The culture in México is very rich, because its mixes of elements of different periods of history, wealth culture thrives, and the almost 52 native people who speak different dialects.

The natural wealth of the country, it’s the diversity, and values, therefore, provide very specific characteristics to the mexican.

The traditions of México are the most standed out they are full of happiness, joy, typical food, among other things that symbolize México. In addition to that, reflect the great spirituality oh their people as a result of the mixure of the pre-hispanic beliefs of their ancestors and the Spanish catholic evangelization.

Mexico is really wide in its territory, culture and history that is why it’s a word by it self.  

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