Mexico is for my

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It’s more than you and I and that politicians and drug traffickers, and that all defects that can see in it. For every mistake that you find in, there will be many more successes in matters of art, solidarity, love of neighbor and family. Love for the, homeland patriotic symbols.

But love and affection are not always as good as they seem love, respect and above all membership must always be whit that feeling and total belongings’ to the ideal oh any Mexican to be a more better person and us as Mexican together. The family has been  core of Mexican society for decades.

That nucleus is falling in to pieces, and if it loses we will, lose the essence of Mexican society, that nick name of the great Mexican family must rise but not led by the media. Or political elements but by the clamor and the people need to keep all Mexicans as the great Mexican family, united in good time and bad.