Mexico, my country

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Mexico is a very big country. Is the 14 biggest country in the world an has a democratic governament system. There are thirty one states and the capítal city. Also there are many archeological states like piramids and museum , unique traditions, like the day of the dead and variety of food disguishes us as a pozole, tacos, quesadillas,etc. There are many turist attractions and enviromental for vacation as beaches of acapulco or Baja California Sur.

The biodiversity in Mexico in flora, faum and climate is very wide in each region, for example  in the north there are deserts, dried plants and animals the scoorpions, snakes, etc on the south, there are jungle and climates

Throug the time Mexico progress in thechnology and infrestucture, Mexico is located next to a worldwide power that is U.S.A

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