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  The Miami Grand Prix is just around the corner.  I've started getting my weight down and shifted my strength and conditioning routines to accommodate this preparation.  The competition should be pretty tight this year.  Nothing is for certain, but while I was over in Paris (at the training camp following the Paris Grand Slam), a lot of top players from all over the world were talking about Miami.  It would be fantastic to have such a high stakes and high level competition in our own country.  One major disadvantage American judoka have is that we have to travel far over seas just to compete. 

  Although I will only have to fly 2 hours south to get to Miami, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will bring my favorite travel past time with me…THE SIMPSONS!  I absolutely love watching The Simpsons.  Classic characters, hilarious lines, gut busting laughter, what's not to like?!  I recently watched the episode where Homer and Bart go into the grease business.  That episode served as ammo for one liners for about 2 weeks.

  In the very near future I'm going to start posting more videos so keep your eyes peeled for them!  I'm hoping to post videos about both judo and my band "Hard Soul".  Here's our most recent video set to the song "Conquered The World" form our NYC/Philly tour :

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