Michael's Dream Flowers - March Update.

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It’s that time again!  Last year we proudly displayed the flowers with a banner in front of Michael’s resting place for all to admire. This year we are hoping to have even more flowers. We need your help to make this possible.

Last year we visited Forest Lawn in June but since have decided to visit on Michael’s Birthday for 2016. It seems more joyous for the children to celebrate by gifting with handmade flowers.

If your school or children would like to make handmade sunflowers for Michael then please get them involved by having them made and allowing them to be as creative as possible. Please do not use seeds or grains. Also  please use some type of paper thick enough to stay firm If you would like them to be attached to a stem or stick that is fine or they can be made as a flat flower and we will paste them on a board. Please make sure to ask each child to write their name and country on the flower petals.

We respect each child’s privacy so we ask that you only send us flowers with the parents knowledge or permission.

Please feel free to send us pictures of the children making the flowers along with them holding the finished flower.

We are asking everyone to help sponsor this beautiful project by donating and in turn we will use part of the funds towards our operation costs and our next exciting project. MDF will be fundraising to build a children’s playground for a kindergarten school in Onakwase in Ghana. Of course you can decide if you would like to donate towards the Hospital Fund or the Dream Box projects   


Please send your children’s flowers to

℅ Louise Greer

220#G Evergreen Trail SE






Our children can feel the love and magic of a great humanitarian and it's up to us to teach them all we can. This is a beautiful way for the children to lay tribute with their own special love.


By sponsoring a hand-made Michael’s Dream Flower; you can help us to raise the funds to make this happen. Each flower will be lovingly placed at Forest Lawn on 29th August; as your personal tribute to Michael – the inspiration behind this wonderful project. 


Each flower costs just $5 to sponsor.  This includes the making of, transportation to Forest Lawn Memorial Park and its display.  To purchase one of these flowers; simply make a donation to any of our funds; stating how many flowers you wish to sponsor. Like last year; your name will be included with the display; to mark your own special birthday gift to Michael; as you help to create a beautiful garden of love for his birthday.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a sea of golden sunflowers all on display for Michael’s birthday?


Closing date for purchasing sponsorship of these flowers if 30th July. Let’s create that beautiful garden for Michael  - and a lasting legacy for the children! 

- See more at: http://www.michaelsdreamfoundation.org/index.php/news-events/news-blog/item/285-michaels-dream-flowers-just-in-time-for-august#sthash.sJbsDpOj.dpuf


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