Micheal Brown's Death Causes Thousands to Call for Change

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The death of Michael Brown has caused a surprising amount of people to suffer. The church's sanctuary, which seats about 2,500, filled quickly. Overflow rooms holding another 2,000 were full, too. On Monday the “big but gentle boy” was killed by a police officer. Many people came to the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis for the funeral show there respect and ask for change. Eric Davis which is one of brows cousins said “enough of the senseless killings.”  His relatives had nothing but nice things to say about him. Another family member said "blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice."

The amount of people to took the time out of their day to come and say goodbye to Michael brown was incredible. People couldn’t get in the church so they waited outside and sat in shady areas due to the weather being over 100 degrees. Ambulances were waiting in case of any heat-related illnesses.

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