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As you all know that I am a student of Computer Engineering, I am reading about different things about the computer. I have read about hardware and software too. During these years, I have studied deeply about Microsoft and windows. Microsoft provides us with the best operating system. This article is about features of Microsoft. You will get detailed information about windows in this post. Let’s start with Microsoft.

What is Microsoft?

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"Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services."

Microsoft is a company that focuses on the development and implementation of software. This company works for providing an interface to the users. Different operating systems are developed by Microsoft for mobile phones and computers. The operating system made by Microsoft is used worldwide. This company is the largest and influential company in the personal computing industry. This company is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. From now to then, this company is flourishing day by day.

Features/Advantages of Windows

Microsoft is providing many strong features to users, that's why this company is progressing by leaps and bounds. Some of the salient features of Microsoft it provides to users are:



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Microsoft has made much advancement and changes in its operating systems that make them easy to use. Users working with earlier versions of Microsoft find it easy to work with new versions. Users can easily understand the pros and cons of windows. Understanding the interface of  Windows is not a rocket science rather it teaches us itself. People can easily learn its features without any help.


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There are also help options in Windows for solving different problems. This is the main reason why windows operating system users are a huge fan of it. They don’t need to understand the behaviour of software from the initial point rather everything is somehow related to older versions with new capabilities.



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Compatibility means allowing the old Software’s to run on new versions. Every computer user wants some tool or software according to his need. If you are currently using an old version of  Windows and need something more up to date, but you don’t want to lose the use of some older programs that are only available in windows. The Windows operating system will easily work with older tools. Updating windows will allow you to add older software tools too.

Plug and play

Plug and play is the most remarkable feature of Windows. This feature allows users to add new peripheral devices without opening the case. Devices are plugged and one can easily use it by installing the driver.


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As an operating system for the average home user, the window still has an edge over the competition in the area of plug and play support for PC hardware. As long as the appropriate drivers are installed, Windows will usually do a good job of recognizing new devices. This feature is present in Windows operating system without any manual intervention. Another operating system also supports plug and play but they are not much efficient.

Disadvantages of Windows operating system

Besides having many cool and remarkable features, Microsoft still lags in some points. Some of the flaws of Microsoft that are generally observed are:

Poor security

Each user wants complete protection and security of his sensitive data. He/she want the data to be secure from unauthorized access. But compared to other operating systems, Microsoft security is weak. Microsoft is not having proper security constraints. Due to this reason, most of the windows are hijacked or hacked.


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Another aspect of this issue has to do with internal security from an administrative point of view. Configuring any computer system is time-consuming and the window is certainly no exception. Thus, users must have to be careful while sensitive data is present in windows. They should install some security on their sensitive data rather relying completely on windows. Windows are very useful in different schemes but the only problem with them is the security issue. The flaws of Microsoft can be easily tackled manually. For having efficiency one have to compromise with the security.

Virus’s susceptibility


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This problem is also regarded as the security issues of Microsoft. Virus attack is the most alarming situation for a user. There must be some scheme which prevents the system from virus. Microsoft did not overcome this issue till now. Many viruses can attack Windows operating system without any notification. The user can detect these errors but prevention is not possible in windows. Windows have launched some software tools that act as antivirus detectors to cut viruses. In this way, many users are using windows by having proper antivirus software.

High resource requirement


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Windows operating system makes users spend a lot on computer hardware like fast CPU, internal memory and peripheral devices.Windows work properly on this hardware rather window is not much efficient with slow devices. Microsoft has always maintained that this is due to all the extra functionality that they have added, as demanded by their customers. But, it might be costly for the average users. They need to spend a lot on the hardware for having a good system. While other operating systems can work with any hardware.


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These are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft operating system. A user can easily choose the operating system by keeping in mind these points. Overall, I think Microsoft is the best because the environment it provides to users is much easy and efficient. A common man prefers windows because he/she can easily understand the system of windows without any help.

Thank you so much for reading that post. Stay tuned for further posts.


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