Microsoft Rename 4 Applications Nokia

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REDMOND - Microsoft doing renaming (rebranding) on multiple applications from Nokia that has been bought. Noted there are approximately four applications at rebranding by Microsoft.

Applications that used to be named 'Nokia' now changed to 'Lumia' in front of the application name. Application that is, Storyteller, Panorama, Cinemagraph, and Creative Studio. This is nothing new for Redmond-based company that, as Microsoft has done the same thing to some other application.

In addition to the name change, is not yet known whether there is an update feature that is also pinned on some of these applications. But it seems, has not occurred in any of the additional features of the application.

Users who are curious, can download it through the WindowsPhone page as quoted by Ubergizmo, Thursday (09/04/2014).