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It is an MS office application. This application is useful for writing text letters memo applications notes and anything else. There are many functions in Microsoft word. These functions are following: We can write text in upper and lower case even in sentence case. We can change the font size on our desires and needs. The writing style can also change.


Like Arial Times New Roman Calibri etc. we can cut the data or words or sentence or paragraph. We can also paste the words sentence or paragraphs. We can also arrange the words in ascending and descending order. The different symbols can be used in text with one click.


In Microsoft word the words can also be replaced by other word. The words can be written in bold style, in italic style and it can be underlined. The tables can also be added in text. There are two options we can make our own tables or we can insert the table by adding number of rows and columns.


The file is saved anywhere in computer where we want. We can also write the text in different colors. The tables can also be adding in different colors. Text can be highlighted. 

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