Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

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Mid Autumn Festival is a special festival in some Asian countries in general and in VietNam in particular. In fact, Mid Autumn is a festival dedicated to children. In VietNam, this festival orginates from a legend about the Moon and a boy. The legend explains how the moon is brightest in mid-autumn and why people see a banyan tree and a boy on the moon. The moon is called Sister Moon and the boy is called Cuoi.

Mid Autumn begins from 14 to 15 in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. On these days, children will pick up their lanterns to march around the streets in the towns. They will be given gifts such as cakes, candies, and star-shaped lanterns. They will see either lion dances or musical concert performances. Most children prefer watching the lion dances and follow them everywhere. Some children would bring a small torch made of an oil-soaked rag to burn. And others would bring clarinets and drums to make the festival more boisterous and fun.

However, mid autumn festival is also a festival for business. The streets are adorned with stores that sell moon cakes. This is an occasion when many people exchange cake presents with one other. Mid-autumn cake is a special kind of cake made only for the mid-autumn festival. There are many kinds of cakes such as soft cake, cake with one or two eggs inside, variety nut cake, lotus paste cake, etc. The Mid-autumn cakes have sweet fragrance and taste delicious. Most Vietnamese people love the Mid-autumn cakes and buy them for their family.

The Mid Autumn festival has become a traditional festival in Vietnam. It is a part of the Vietnamese culture. Anyone growing up in Vietnam is very much familiar with this festival and regularly enjoys its festival activities.

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