mid-day delight

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Sean claims he was tried and attempted to take a mid-day nap. I thought it sounded fun so I opted to go and be his cuddle buddy. When I got to the room he had taken over 90% of the bed and was on his stomach. I decided I would crawl in and rest some, I’d be there if he wanted to cuddle. 
I fell asleep. It was only twenty minutes or so. I woke a tad and he was aware that I had started to stir. I could feel him shortly after reaching in under his underwear and playing with himself. If he had crashed he had an exciting dream otherwise his mind was on sex. He got hard and cuddled up to me. He got naked and I removed my panties. (I don’t wonder around in much if I can avoid it). Sean started to poke me from behind.
I knew I wasn’t dripping wet but I was moist. I knew exactly what would make me drip, I rolled over facing him, eager to taste him. Before I could make my way down to his member he was on top, entering me. Saddened by my missed opportunity I was alive in the current moment. He thrusted hard and pulled out, I rolled over and he choked me lightly, tugging my hair. He pulled out and quickly came all over my back.
I was left there with the vibrator while he went to grab food. I started masturbating, I thought he would come join me in a minute but then I thought hell I deserve two orgasms while he’s caught up with his snack. I came another time and decided I need time to be selfish. My sex life has taken a dive and I can’t hardly handle it. He never came back to play with me.
I feel undesired and unappreciated.
Sex that is such a poor quality is useless to me, I can get that alone with two fingers. I need a man. A man who makes sex a part of my life. Not even two weeks ago Sean wanted to fuck me on the beach and before that we were having fun in public places. What's changed? I don't have the energy to find out but I have determined Sean does not get a horny wife that he can use and leave like he did her a favor.
Some favor, left me horny and unsatisfied. If my sexual appetite is so large why can't he enjoy it with me at least? It's not like I burden him with all the work, I carry my own. It's not like I don't come up with creative ideas and it's not like I don't satisfy him without anything in return regularly. Lastly, my needs are not pressuring him, I take care of myself more than half of the time.
He says I'm great at sex, I know I'm the best he's ever had, yet here I am and I can't get Sean to thirst for sex, could he be too satisfied?
Whatever it may be if I have to take care of my needs all by myself anyway I will damn well use him as I please. I'm not cheap, I refuse to feel unwanted and used. He's not doing me any favor by the way he's treating me now and I will not be left wanting again. Next time MY needs first, if he's lucky I'll address his. Fortunately for him his orgasms please me. But maybe not right now. We'll see.

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