Middle eastern food ( Beaten Chicken)

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Here are list of necessary material for Beaten Chicken food:


1 egg yolk 

1  Full chicken breast with bones 

1 small to medium onion 

2 cloves garlic 

Saffron  2 spoon  

Salt as required

Red paper  1/4 tablespoon  

Turmeric, black pepper, a little bit 

For sauce 20 g butter - 1 small lemon and little Saffron water  + salt and paper

First mince the Chicken breast with onions and garlic – then add the yolk, spices and saffron water. Oily the saucepan with one spoon of oil and put the roast into that and the saucepan should be Teflon or iron to the roast not glue with that, then turn on the heat and cook both side of roast. Then add the sauce which mixes from molten butter, lemon, saffron water, salt and paper. The taste of this roast would be unique and delicious. 

Here I would like to write some benefits of Saffron as we used it in our food.Saffron contains many plants derived chemical compounds that are known to have been anti-oxidant, disease preventing and health promoting properties. 

Saffron is also sometimes used topically to help with certain conditions, such as baldness. It is not known if medicinal uses of saffron are safe for children.


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Sanam Noori is from Herat Afghanistan and she was born in 1988 in historical city of Herat. During the Taliban Regime they immigrated to the Iran and she studied her elementary school there. she trained and learned the basic of cooking by professional Asian cookers in Iran. After Taliban regime…

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