Milkha singh vs Abdul Khaliq

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When  I heard from my friend about the Bollywood film '' BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG" I said to my friend who is Milkha singh . He said milkha singh is the athlete of India won the international medals for India . He is the Hero of India beat the Pakistani athlete so I thought I must search on this topic.                                                                                                                                       

The movie is based upon the life of milkha singh and the race which is held in Lahore.After this race president ayub give the title ''Flying sikh'' to Milkha singh. As it is the rule of Every game that at end one is winner and other are loser.

                                                                                      In 1960 the Indo-pak Summit held in the capital of Punjab Lahore where the winner of race is milkha singh.It was the race of two tigers.Where Abdul Khaliq loses the battle also loses the battle of his carrier.


Abdul khaliq is the great athlete then milkha singh because khaliq won 34 inter national Gold medals , 15 international silver medals and 12 Bronze medals. Representing Pakistan in in 1956 Olympics and 1960 Olympics at Rome. In 1954 Asian games Abdul Khaliq set a new record of 100 meters race in 10 sec breaking the previous record of Indian athlete that way the Indian prime Minister jawarhar lal Nehru calls him as The'' flying Bird of Asia'' At that time Khaliq was the fastest man of Asia.      

                                                                                           After the watching movie I  feel grief and sorrow because Indian nation is giving tribute to their hero through his autobiography '' THE RACE OF MY LIFE ''and Movie; Bhaag milkha Bhaag. Every child is knowns about Milkha singh but no one knows about Great Athlete Abdul khaliq the fastest man of Asia the'' Flying bird of Asia.A silent message to Pakistani      MUHAMMAD USMAN...........            


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