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A small concept we are subconsciously familiar with is MIND MOVIES.

Human brain is a complex machine that process data at a high speed for a person to be able to respond in various situations. But little do we know that our mind tends to prepare our body by somehow predicting what could a be the possible outcomes of a situations.(which is why we mumble when we try to think our next move when we are in trouble). 
Even now if your are not getting the grasp of the concept lets play a game. 

Step 1 : imagine a Yellow Car (lamborgini)

step 2 : imagine that color of that car is black now

Step 3 : imagine that black car has white strips. 

well if you were doing this. the image that was being created in your head was a movie or a picture that was being created by your mind. 

Now these sort of mind movies can be beneficial as well has harmful. 

Good in this sense that it might predict you and prepare you for the worst possible outcome and when that happens you might be able to deal with the situation with more ease.

BAD in a sense that more that half of the stuff which is going on in your head is far away from what will happen in reality and you would be just wasting your time by predicting stuff which will never happen

Personally, i think it is helpful because it expands the limitations of imagination and makes us to use our minds more. Seeking a way to escape reality within the parameters of reality is what gives birth to great minds with a concept to amend the world ,in a new profound manner, for a greater good.

So next time you see someone talking to himself. please dont jump to conclusion and tag him as crazy. he might be in a mind movie as the main character ;). just walk away.

PS: Do talk to yourself for merely five minutes in  a day. it helps to boost your brain.

Hope you had something new to learn today. :) untill next time .

                                                           X------THE END ------X

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