Mindless Bureaucrats are Alive and Well

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Snow scene photo courtesy Barbara L. Slavin

Lately I am becoming more and more annoyed by government departments operated by idiots.

These people do not seem capable of having an intelligent thought between them.

The latest idiocy for me is that during the unprecedented cold and icy weather we have been experiencing, my particular city has taken the high road and is refusing to use sand as a traction agent.

Salt and other ice melt products are only good up to a certain temperature, after that, they do not work. when conditions turn to ice and it's really cold, sand has to be put down for traction.

The reasoning behind the embargo on sand is that sand washes down into the sewer system and clogs them.  I get this. However, when we have unusual and dangerous weather conditions, we have to be more flexible.

Pedestrian and driver safety is being seriously compromised.

I'm seriously up for environmental concerns, but I am also really up for residents safety.  I am not paying taxes so that I can either slip and fall or skid my car. The city needs to apply sand when the temperatures fall below -13F.


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