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ood care as we do our daily activities others are not. Accident can be anywhere and it will happenanytime. Accident is our best enemies, its a traitor that will attack you anytime anywhere.

There are several accident happened in human life that you can consider as fatal, tragic, unbelievable accident but still they survived. There are some accident that you cant imagine how it happened and how a person luckily survived from a close calls, near death and inch to death experienced?

Below are just one of the luckiest guy in earth that survives from possible tragic accident that can cause sudden death.









This accident happened in Rusia and the cyclist in the video is still unknown while writing this article. But this tragedy is indeed a horrible one, that was so closed. Its like, God really find ways to protect this cyclist from possible danger. It consider a miracle that he can tell to people. With this video its a strong evidence that God really exist.
What he did after the accident? He get up and helped the car that almost killed him, he is just a good heart and a Samaritan.
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