Miraculous benefits of Yogurt (curd) for health

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Miraculous benefits of Yogurt (curd) for health

Yogurt is one of the most healthiest foods when it comes to human health. It is full of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones. It is also rich in proteins. Proteins are really helpful in building muscle fibers. When yogurt is taken after meals, it can help digest the food easily. Apart from that, yogurt is also instrumental in helping digest the components of other foods.
It is also the perfect, ‘ant-oxidant’. This means that it tends to cleanse the body of unhealthy, toxic and poisonous materials. The bacteria in yogurt enhances the immunity of the body. Yogurt also has a high number of vitamins which are necessary for the human body. When applied to the scalp, it can rid you of dandruff. Other than this it contains vitamin E, zinc and phosphorus, which are really beneficial for the skin.

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