Misadventures in dog sitting

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Ahh, the joy of playing with other peoples dogs. It's so much fun, right? So when given the opportunity to watch my favorite little guy for a couple of days I jump at the chance. Playing around the house with the chew toys and wrestling are great. Walking him proves to be a bit challenging. It's all fun and games heading towards the park watching the kid on the 'hunt' ,for who knows what. How much sniffing in NYC does any dog really wanna do? 50% of the time I can't stand it ,and I stand a good five and a half feet above the street. You'd think the poor little guy would just be dying with all of the stench of spilled trash and urine coming off of the ground as he's only 6 inches away from it. Not a chance. Homeboy has that snout buried less than an inch from thepavement sniffing away.So much so that I don't believe that he's getting any kind of breath of fresh air. I don't get it and I suppose I won't pretend to. It's 1am and pretty dark on the side streets, yes, even in New York. We pass by a school and everything is going well, when out of nowhere he pulls up to a hot dog. This is where everything goes slow motion. I'm pretty sure he looked up at me as his mouth opened, much like a bulldozer, scooping it up with precision making sure that he's got a good 3/4 of it in his stupid mouth. The first chomp sounds deafening as my thoughts go to putting my fingers into his mouth to grab it out before I realize that he would confuse them with that damn hotdog and bite down hard causing some serious hatred to pulse through my veins. I pull at the leash and spit out the only thing that comes to mind. 'Drop it', I command. The 1/4 of the hotdog looks like Jonah Jamesons cigar as he smiles and starts to chew. Drop it? That's what I came up with? As if a dog with meat in his jaws would dare drop it. The law of the wild 101. Dog 1, me 0.

Now we're back home and we're tossing his favorite carrot toy around. That hot dog is working its way through his system pretty quick as the concentrated smell emanates from his backside. Dog 2, me 0. 

Heres the kicker. I have to walk him tomorrow. Dog 3, me 0.

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