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After a full day of fasting withstand thirsty and hungry, it will feel very delicious if you later spoiled when breaking fast with iftar takjil menu offerings are fresh, sweet and healthy. Moreover, if takjil menu is very rich in vitamins and can increase stamina well. When talking about the menu takjil what is fresh, sweet and healthy, this time mbakmin have a recipe of fresh takjil Andalan nihh, Mau ??. This is a special takjil Mix the mango ice Kelapa Muda Nyammm Hemmm .. .. .. Yum! hmm definitely awful yaa right Curious about what the recipe? Peek recipe mbakmin this bagiin yaaa ...


2 mangoes (download the flesh, diced according to taste)
1 young coconuts (scrape to taste)
50 grams of sugar
Orange or mango flavored syrup (to taste)
Sweetened condensed milk (to taste)
Enough water)
Shaved ice (to taste)

How to make:

Heat the water and then boiled mangoes with sugar until sugar dissolves and boiling water.
If boiling, let stand until cool or place in the refrigerator for a minute.
Prepare the glass and then stacking coconut in the glass.
Add mango have been boiled, add syrup and sweetened condensed milk.
Finally, add crushed ice to taste (optional).
Coconut mango ice mix is already finished and ready to be enjoyed as an iftar menu.

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