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Portable devices  are very brilliant engineering. These things are very good to handle. There are manytypes of portable devices. There are mobile phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, internet devices, portable paly stations, etc.

mobile phones:

                                  We use mobile phones in our daily life. We use the mobile for communicating with someone. There are many things in the mobiles like compass, clock, kelvin and Fahrenheit scale, messages, stopwatch, etc. these are the things that we use in daily life and these are now in our mobile phones.


It is a new version of computer. It helps in many ways. It takes fewer places then the computer. It has a battery with it. We can use internet on it.


                  It has a touch system and the new version of the laptop. It is lighter and very smaller than the laptop. Many people like them but it is not enough small to put it in your pocket.


                     It is very small and lighter than the tablet. It is enough small to fit in your pocket. It has 1000s of songs in it. You can take where ever you like.


        It is used to play games, to use internet, songs, videos etc. we use the psp to play several games and other activities. It is larger than the iPods but smaller than the tablet.

                        In short the portable devices are very useful to us.

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