Mobile is a Good Invention

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In olden times the ways of communication were so poor among people. It was very difficult to communicate each other. As science had not developed yet, the people from far away used to convey their messages by burning fires, sounding drums, pictorial symbols.


And with passage of time comunicating ways were developed and messages were conveyed with the help of Letters and faxes etc. 


  Now in this modern time science has brought great development in the world. The ways of communication also have developed greatly with the arrival of electronic media. Today the greatest achievement of science is the invention of Mobile. Mobile is surprising invention of science. With the help of mobile people can communicate at large distances. It is the best communicating way among the people and immediate way to convey messages and need no time for communication at the distance of miles. There is no need of any medium for communication.


Without any type of cable, it can be carried everywhere. It is so small and can be fit into small pocket. It has decreased the distance among the people and has brought them nearer to each other. With the passage of time, the new advancements were made in the mobile. Now mobile has great applications. photo editing, video editing, calculator, calender, converter, graphics, clock, torch, radio, games,etc. The mobile of today is a mini size computer, it has internet services like facebook, viber, yahoo etc.  


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