Mobile Phone

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The mobile phone is also called cell phone, hand phone, cellular phone.

Mobile is a device that use for communication between two or more person.

Mobile is use the network for the communication.


It is electronics device and wireless device.

The first telephone was developed in 1908 and that it’s not a hand mobile phone.

The first hand mobile phone was developing in 1973.

The 87% of global population using the mobile phone.


In earlier mobile phone is very simple we can only make call or text.

Now a day’s Mobile phone is very fastest technology and growing up with respect to time.

We can make audio or video call with modern mobile phone. We can also send Text messages to anyone.


We connected with our friends and relative 24 hour with the help with the mobile phone in any place of the world.

We can use many programs software of computer in mobile phone.

We can make the call or short messages to anyone.

If we go the old time we use the letter to communicate it take many days but mobile replace the letter we can communicate with short time like in a 5 to 10 secnod and we connect with other.

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