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Nowadays if we ask about Mobile from every person in every place He/she will answer you and will give you some information about it. The most important and advanced technology of nowadays is Mobiles, all the countries of the world use the Mobile as a communicator between their countries.


Nowadays in our country most of people use Mobiles and know the usage of Mobile. There are different kind of Mobiles in our country High Level Mobiles [HTC, IPON, GLAXY…] these Mobiles are Expensive also called smart Phone , Low level Mobiles these Mobiles are not expensive.

The High Level Mobiles (Smart phone) have more usage in countries that have more population than the countries that have less population


Also in our country, different kinds of Mobiles are used. The cities that have more population the usage of Mobiles are more than other cities e.g. in Herat city Mobiles have important role in Business. Telecommunication companies or the companies produce SIM Card have very important role in generation of Mobiles  


By : Aziz Ahmad

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Aziz Ahmad was born in Herat-Afghanistan. He is graduated from Soltan High school in 2010 From Herat City. Aziz is studying Computer Science field in a Higher Education University in Herat-Afghanistan Aziz Tokhi has ability to speak and write in these 3 language Dari, Pashto, English.

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