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Today my topic is mobile phone .I want to tell you about mobile phone.What is mobile phone ? Mobile phone is a device which can receive phone calls from radio signals  or links all over the world.

There are mainy feature in mobile phones.



 Text messaging

Hybrid phone book



External memory device

Multimedia player





Infrared and Bluetooth


Different mobile phone have different capacity of Sim card. We can save mobile phones numbers in mobile phone.For communication we can text message through mobile phone to any one. If we want to listen radio then we can do it through mobile phones.We can use internet through mobile phones .In mobile phones we put memory cards that can save data. Through this feature we can save over personal data .  


In mobile phones for entertainment mp3 and mp4 player available we can listen any song. And also watch any video.In mobile phones camera are also available to capture your precious moments and also made movie.We can use mobile phone as a clock and calculator. We watch calander on mobile phone .We can also share data without wire one mobile phone to other mobile phone in a short distant through infrared and Bluetooth.

Now a days mobile phone is need of every one .Mobile phone connecting peoples together.

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