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Over the last 4 months I have been using film annex. To promote my filmmaking and filmmaking in general.

Why I hear you ask, well it comes down to two things money! and blogging and the two are linked.
I have a website, a vimeo account, a youtube channel and my work screens at a variety of film festivals worldwide. But I very rarely earn any money from this, not that it is my reason for making work. But recently my partner and I have had a second baby. This has made my priorities for my income be for my family first, not for any creative endeavours.
Trailer for my latest film
Film Annex seems to be a honest way of earning some money through the work I have created in the past, now and the future.
This hopefully will lead to me being able to fund things I need to make my next film.   To be honest I was suspicious when i first saw the website. I thought this cant work. But after talking to graduates of mine Mark Kuczewski and others I realised that this was a serious option to raise some funds for my work.
Issues I forsee with this, in the future are more to do with what adverts my work will sit along side? and how do I feel about this.  Will there be any ethical issues with myself and the work. I don't know the answers for that. Maybe I should read more of the terms and conditions. 
So now this becomes a way for myself to earn money for my latest film.
That films working title is 'travelling without moving' and is part of my movement film series as film number 6.
Its about movement, performance and travelling and is quite ambitious in its meaning and style.  More info on this soon.
 I need to raise £3000 to complete this film. 
Using film annex in this way allows me to hopefully develop a way of making films sustainable and also be able to create them with some small budgets.
I see this as a new model of income for filmmakers, we as filmmakers can put existing films here online and raise funds for our next project with no ties.
Or this could be an income stream. A way to earn a living.
At the moment I am running with this, it is great so far and I am enjoying the ride. Writing blogs has been a interesting challenge, which gives me time to reflect and develop my work.
If you are a filmmaker I would upload and blog about your work asap. As this seems to be a real way of earning money via short films.

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