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Modern print media of USA have started in the earlier parts of 20th century. In USA some of the print Medias are exclusive and at the present time there is about 2435 daily paper and more than 10 million copies are printing.

It is mentionable that in USA a remarkable number of magazines and dailies are under the sponsor of one of the companies; for instance Iron Age weekly had been sponsoring by Chilston Cooperation since 1855 which representing form metal industries owner’s thoughts, that is to say for the first time it have started activity at Filadelfia.

Expert colleagues of Iron Age are in different places of the globe except of big cities of America. In spite of hard emulations, at the moment it has 50 thousand circulations.

American Weekly

American weekly is one of the illustrated and famous weekly papers of USA which had printed in 1896. Harson publications have the honor of its foundation. This publication is beloved one among people.

That is to say, its fame is because of its interesting and clamor issues that are printing into it which young generation are interested in this type of subject. This weekly paper has an appendix that on Sundays this appendix is distributing free.

Even though it’s very hard to figure out the popularity  grade of weeklies and dailies in USA; in fact direct and indirect sponsorship of Capitalist are causing the higher grade of popularity print Medias.

American weekly’s writers, publishers and employees have higher rank of education; especially in journalism.

New York Times

New York Times is one of the dignified print media of America. This daily was founded in 1871. It has one and half million circulations, also at the end of every week it printed in 50 to 80 pages.

New York Times is supporting by New York Times company that is belongs to Sew Berger Family; of course rest of the publications of this company are New York Times and New York Magazine.

That is to say which these publications are reprinting in Latin America and several other countries. Even though it has a big number of employees, they choose their employees form the locals.

Topics of this publication are internal and external issues which most of news of these to publications are providing by United Press and Associated Press; also New York Times buys news form more 17 news agencies.






However it seems as an independent and impartial daily but in fact New York Times is as an officials in USA.










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