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Today we see that world has become a global village people are going to a modern life from a traditional and cultural traits and they starting to change themselves to the modern societies and their culture due to some cultural diffusion and some other innovations in the society.

Reason for social change as modernity

  • Modernity is the result of innovations
  • It brought many social changes in our everyday life
  • These changes have not only positive effects but also have some negative impacts on our daily life
  • Modernity has re-shaped our social, cultural, political and traditional trends


Marshall Bermnn
‘All that is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of Modernity’ 1983



The processes of scientific, technological, industrial, economic and political innovation those also become urban, social and artistic in their impact

Positive effects on daily life       

Modernity has many of the positive impacts on the daily life in different shapes and aspects especially in the Pakistani cultural context. As under.


  1. Personality consciousness
  2. Change in behaviors
  3. Living pattern changes
  4. Global social interaction
  5. Global contacts
  6. Global business
  7. Trade and business
  8. Sharing of global culture




Negative effects on daily life

With the positive impacts of modernity on daily life of the people it does also many of the negative impacts on the daily life of people as ,,,

  1. Cultural damages



  1. Impurity of food



  1. Worst impacts of media on youth



  1. Miss use of communication sources
  2. Internet
  3.  Cell Phone
  4.  Cables


Modernity has changed our daily life to the national attitudes as well people are converting to modernity and modernism from the simplicity and moderate life styles, modernity has given a lot of facilities to people as manual work to machine work and a trend to, luxurious life styles, rural to urbanization, and so much advancement to people, but having all these facilities and luxuries people do not feel satisfaction as earlier in the simplest social life of the people in the previous times so we can say that in the daily life context that it has given individual approach instead of collective approach.


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