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Moral of youth in the development of Modernization

"Morality is not absolute, it is gradually and constantly changing and with the passage of time, it becomes perfect .."

-Moral Evolutionism

Perfect decision would an individual, especially if the parents so a big test for them an gang kanilangn expansion and development in the offspring. There are aspects that they should just give pansin.Hindi feed, clothe, and maximize children. Have great impact on the expansion of morality kapalagiran a child growing up, so it ought to appreciate this aspect mgha contemporary youth. It is as follows: * Morality, etiquette *, * knowledge of natural life especially in peace SEX. With the passage of time, many changes especially moral society.

Major impact on the development of personality, thinking and behavior of an individual in the societies in which niya.Sa broad-minded people, we nakakaimbento things that we needed everyday living. With the help of science and technology, the more other naeenhance the matter. Some examples of this are the computer, washing machine, electric fan and so helpful and nakakapagpapadali human activities.

In other words, including the modernization environment contributes to the growth of our morality. But despite the beauty and comfort enjoyed our modern environment, there are still negative thing becomes the effect to decrease the morality and mentality of people to do evil.

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