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Since 1947 Pakistan and India have been fighting for several issues, and Kashmir is one of them. It’s always a two sided game when we want to establish peace in any region or want to solve the issues between two countries and specially neighbors. Pakistan always emphasized on peace talks and urged to solve the issues including the Kashmir issue but India is always reluctant to do that. Since the current PM of India Mr. Narender Modi took charge of his office there have been 152 Loc violations by India in which several civilians were killed and many houses were destroyed. Pakistan took the issue to United Nations for a neutral solution and UN delegation visited Pakistani border areas but India didn’t allow any such thing due to a fear that it’ll get exposed as it’s only India which is violating the Loc. Pakistan always tried to solve all issues through talks but due to the bad behavior of India this option didn’t work, that’s Kashmir issues is still unsolved.
Since Kashmir issue was started Pakistan and India fought several wars, got a lot of loss in the shape of economy and human lives as well, but it’s all due to the egoistic behavior of India and their cruel policies. Currently when UN delegation came to Pakistan and visited the border areas, they collected facts of Indian brutality. World must ensure that India come back on table and start some serious talk sessions with Pakistan so that Loc issues come to an end and people of both countries can live peacefully because India is also killing its own people by following the theory of chanakya which was “kill your own people and blame it on your enemies”, same formula they applied in their country and killed a lot of muslims and other minorities. There is no doubt that India is war monger.

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