Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai

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I'm writing about another very good Pakistani Television serial, "Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai (Loving is the Star of the morning). There are many Pakistani Drama seriels, but I specifically like this one because it features a family drama with some tragedy and romance. Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai is based on a novel by Umera Ahmad's 'Yeh Jo Subah Ka Ik Sitara hai', Ahmad also produced novels that turned into great TV serials prior to Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, "Zindagi Gulzar ha (Life is a Rose Garden)"  and "Kankar" were both based on novels by Umera Ahmad. Directed by veteran actress turned director "Sakina Samo" and produced by "Momina Durraid", Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai was the 5th project that Sakina and Umera Ahmad worked on since 2004's "Wujood-e-Laraib" and "Amar Bail".

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