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Money has become an important part of our life and a very crucial aspect of living.Through money we can get the basic necessities of life like shelter,clothing and food.But the money has totally changed the society.Sometimes money is the only thing for someone's happiness and for the peace of his life.





A person who does not earn much and don't have nicer clothes,furniture or a car,wish to have money so that he could enjoy the life in its true meaning as the rich people do.In this modern world,everything can be bought by money like power,fame and even sometimes money can buy us happiness.But the fact is that a person who is rich is not the happiest one as others who have love in their life.Money alone cannot serve the purpose of our life.





No doubt,through money a lot of miseries of life can be removed but the worst thing is that people are adopting wrong ways like gambling,smuggling and many other to get money and improve their lifestyles which are completely against the teachings of our religion.One must should strive hard to improve his life but in a correct manner.






Some says:

       ''Money does not bring happiness"

but some disagrees with this.But if a person has good relation with his family and friends and they also love him back then it really does not matter that he has a lot of wealth or not.






So we have to make a sweet and lovable relation with our surroundings and our beautiful planet.This will surely make our life far better than money.

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