Money: The Root Of All Evil?

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No, I don't believe in that saying as money is just a material thing. It doesn't have anything to do with all evil acts here as it doesn't have a life. It's true that people can't survive without money but it isn't enough reason to do bad things just to earn it. People are the one to be blamed for all this mischievous things happening around. Why?

Look at these crocodiles in the government, they aren't contented with what they have. They would always want more and so they became corrupt stealing money from people's taxes. They make money their god. They praise money. How could they be good leaders if they would keep on doing the same thing over and over again? Instead of being a good influence, they are becoming the other way around. 

We all need money, that's a given fact. But let us not let ourselves drown by this fact to the point where we'll do anything just to have it even if it means stepping on others or hurting them. That is just not right. 

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