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Money is the highly effective issue in this modern time.the every one in this world want it has money either he get from well manner or bad manner his wish only that he he has money in this people think that if they have money they get every thing but it is not true from money a man bought every thing but not happiness.                                                                                                             
In this  time the man who has money he ignore all his relative he consider himself a empire he thing that he has money and all the people are his slaves he forget everything due to the money.A money man know take class he forget that the God who has ability togive he also abilty to get back.
It is the money for a man can be very far away from hisrelative his family he ignore his parents,brother and sister only for the sake of money.A dancer has much money but he has no honoured in the society so built your honoured not always run back the money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It  is the money which destroyed our young generation parent run to the money thus they have only mind to built money not that they built up character of there sons.
If you have much money money then give your money in the way of Allah not on the dancing parties use your money in well manner not bad a money can make and destroyed a person so it is upon us how we can use money.

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