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Moon (disambiguation)

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The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite.

Moon may also refer to:

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Celestial bodies[edit]
Natural satellite, of a planet or other celestial body
Moon (astrology), the ruling planet of Cancer
Moon, the single-star Chinese asterism corresponding to 37 Tauri
A lunar month, or one revolution of the Moon around the Earth, equal to 29.5 days.
The Moon in fiction
In the United States
Moon, Kentucky, an unincorporated community
Moon Township, Pennsylvania
Moon, South Dakota, a ghost town
Moon, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
Moon River (disambiguation)
Moon (given name)
Moon (surname)
Jang Jae-Ho (born 1986), a South Korean professional gamer
Di "Moon" Zhang, Chinese-American member of the dance crew I.aM.mE
Monique "Moon" van Kempen, famous Dutch female Gold V League of Legends player.
Entertainment and media[edit]
Moon (film), a 2009 science fiction film starring Sam Rockwell
Literature and publications[edit]
Moon (visual novel), a Japanese adult visual novel
Moon Publications, a series of travel guides by Avalon Publishing Group
"Moon", a horror/chiller story by James Herbert
Al-Qamar, "The Moon", the 54th sura of the Quran
The Moon, a psychedelic rock band featuring former Beach Boy David Marks
Moon (Gackt album), 2002
Moon (Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor album), 2001
Moon (Kyoko Fukada album)
Moon (Steve Lacy album)
Moon (Snowbird album), 2014
"Moon" (Björk song), 2011
"Moon" (EP), an EP by Japanese singer Kumi Koda
"Moon"/"Blossom", a song by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki
"The Moon" (song), the Romanian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2000
"The Moon", a song from The Greatest (Cat Power album)
"The Moon", a song by The Microphones
"The Moon", a song by The Swell Season
"Moon and Moon", a song by Bat for Lashes from Two Suns
Fictional characters[edit]
Moon (Transformers), a character in the series Beast Wars II
Moon, theatre critic from the Tom Stoppard play The Real Inspector Hound
The Moon, in the List of recurring characters from The Mighty Boosh
Other media[edit]
"Moon", an episode of the television series Teletubbies
Moon (video game), a first-person shooter video game for the Nintendo DS
Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, a role-playing game for the PlayStation
Other uses[edit]
The Moon (Tarot card)
Moon Motor Car, a United States automotive company
Moon type, a writing system for the blind
Mooning, the act of displaying bare buttocks for insult or shock value
See Also[edit]
Moonshine, an alcoholic beverage
Nightmare Moon, a villain in the TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Sailor Moon (character), in the anime and manga series Sailor Moon
Sailor Chibi Moon, in the anime and manga series Sailor Moon
Moon Knight, a Marvel Comics fictional character
Moonbeam McSwine, a fictional character from the comic strip Li'l Abner
Moon-sur-Elle, a commune in France
Month, the period between successive occurrences of a particular lunar phase
Half Moon (disambiguation)
Full moon (disambiguation)
Luna (disambiguation)
Lunar (disambiguation

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