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"Morality is a thing that gives the moral lessons that awake the people from the path of sin to come back to religious path"

Now in the 21st Century, every thing is going to the time of change and almost everyone enjoys freedom and wasted their precious time in the extra legal activities, everything has good and bad usage, technology advance the world and facilitates the human life but especially the young one`s.
In old times, people spent time with each other and share their problems with each other and helped each other in their life and no one has time for such feelings for others due to which morality sincerity and relation became weak, and the blood relations became white.No one cares about each other every one is busy in his life.Every one is busy in using cellphones, involved in social activities and in social media, like Facebook,twitter etc and thus have no time for each other even the family members don`t spent time together due to the excess busyness, this cause a lot of problems and creates depression.
so, the social media channels and the newspapers etc and the some saints and the Islamic professors convey moral lesson to the audience by their books, channels etc to bring back people back to the religion, due to busyness and freedom and adaptation of European culture people are going far away from the religion, from blood relations, from loyalty, from goodness and falling quickly in the evil deeds.So,the religion teaches and religious people conveys their messages to the people , to ring back people to the good path.


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