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Okay, this is another Steemit related blog, because I just can't get it out of my system. This post is meant for those who want to earn more from Steemit and not for the few hypocrites who keep saying they are not on Steemit for the money. If you seriously want to earn money there then these are my tips. These are not 100% effective but it will give you probably a higher chance of being successful there.

If you get rich there because of my tips hey contact me and send me some cryptocurrency too! Hahaha. Or maybe this blog will give you more reasons not to join Steemit, you decide. :)


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Before we start, want a video version? Here's a short random Steemit tutorial video for you. 

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Quick info: Upvotes in Steemit are the equivalent of likes in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and buzzes here in Bitlanders. The total upvote value of a post will determine how much SBD (Steem Dollars)/Steem Power you will earn in 7 days after you post something there.


1. In order for your posts to get big fat upvotes, you have to sell it to the curators/big fishes.

No, you don't sell it like when you own a physical/online store but you make them notice it. Find a way for the curators or the big fishes to see it without spamming them otherwise it will not be seen nor upvoted and all your hours researching for that high-quality post and your good efforts will go to waste.

how_to_be_successful_on_steemit(Photo credit via Pixabay)


However fantastic and well-researched or valuable your post is to you, if you don't catch their attention and if you don't find them in less than 24 hrs or before your post is 3 days old, your post value is almost good as nothing but just little tiny bits of SBD cents and nothing more. Right now Steem/SBD is more than $1, it even reached more than $3 but still it's teeny-tiny cents for you if you do not sell your posts and if you don't have a support group/friends on there.

Do not waste your time writing good scholarly posts if you expect your amazing long article will just magically be upvoted without you doing anything for them to find or see it. And then you will get disappointed for not getting any upvote, boohoo. If you "sell" your post to them then duh they might give you the big upvote or at least give you some feedback/comment on your post.

In short, you have to sell yourself, er I mean your posts, and find where you can sell it to. Promote, promote, promote, search and network.

F*ck. it's a frickin' sales job.




2. Some curators/big fishes are power trippers.

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Like duh, Steemit is made for people to earn money per post and some curators or big fishes will not upvote your post if they know you are only after the money? Why are they holding that against you? You gotta choose which people to get chummy with if you want your posts to earn more than what you spent time and effort on.

The big fishes and big curators have the power of big upvotes so they will choose who to give the upvote to: No different than power tripping if they don't like you. Get used to power trippers if you also want some big juicy and fat upvotes. Get used to not being seen otherwise do not expect your posts to be upvoted all the time because it  will not happen everyday or every week or whenever you post something of high or low quality.

The only big curator that does not involve any power tripping and politics as far as I can tell is @curie.

I ♥ Curie and getting Curied. Too bad my SP is growing... oh well. They even do author showcases, which gives more exposure for the featured writers and their posts. :)

earn_more_in_steemit(Screen cap of @curie's post via Steemit)


On a happier note, just go with those who are truly kind and helpful like @surpassinggoogle. So far he's the only big fish and witness I know who is super generous and kind. Without him, some people would even be more discouraged to be in Steemit. Filipinos are generally kind-hearted people too that's why we love having him and promoting him as our witness there. I just hope he does not let the Steemit abusers get to him.

I have been all over Steemit and he is the only witness who is really interactive and kind and generous like Bitlanders. Maybe because he is also experiencing hardships in life so he understands those who are suffering as well.

Steemit is the mother of all tough websites to be in. Do not join unless you have a really strong conviction to be in it. It is not for the faint-hearted and/or sensitive people.



3. You have to join "elite" groups there in order to belong and earn the privilege of some of the big curators'/fishes' upvotes.

what_to_do_in_steemit(Photo credit via Pixabay)


It's like when you're playing an MMORPG or if you've seen the Ready Player One movie, you'll know that you need to be in a party (group of people to fight against enemies). If you're not one to join parties or any group then expect that you will feel excluded and ridiculed or maybe left out from some of the big juicy upvotes.

For one thing, if you refuse to sign up to Discord then you're holding yourself at a big disadvantage because most people on Steemit are on Discord. I will never sign up to Discord unless I find something worth to sign up to it so yes, I am one of the people outside of those other big curators' peripheral. I would be lucky maybe if my posts get curated by others enough to submit it to those big curators via Discord. 

sell_your_posts(Photo credit via Pixabay)


It's almost like the big curators/fishes are saying, "Be smart and follow the crowd and you will be rewarded." Hahaha. Sorry not sorry. You can do it to possibly earn big money there but I will not do it. I will not join groups just to get upvotes. If people like and appreciate my posts and find it valuable then they are free to upvote it. You're free to join them on Discord or on Facebook etc., and possibly earn more STEEM/SBD.



4. Post your well researched & long article there only if you are sure you can/will sell it or that you will get a big juicy upvote or do not post it there at all.

The main reason most people write on Steemit is to earn money, so post what you think is good enough to earn you something but do not spend so much time on it unless you are sure you know someone or a group that will upvote it big time.

how_to_get_big_upvotes(Photo credit via Pixabay)


Otherwise if you experiment like me on one of my post there and don't "sell" your long, well-researched posts to the big privileged curators/fishes then expect no juicy or big upvote from them, ever. Expect your post to slightly bomb (fail) and be kind of pointless if you are out there to only earn big money. If few cents or dollars is enough for you then go ahead and post whatever you want there.

If you don't like just cents, then make your long posts here in Bitlanders instead where it will be appreciated and reviewed fairly by Hillary. Hillary and Bitlanders is the best! No hint of power tripping of any sort at all, it all comes down to how good and valuable your post is here. Remember to read the Bitlanders FAQ section and our various posts about how to be successful here in Bitlanders. 


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5. Have a niche, some people become successful with it.

If you want people to focus on something you write, do niche posts. If you're an artist, post about your art and the process etc. If you're a singer, post about your songs or how you made it, anything about music etc. If you're a traveler then post about the places you go to etc.

Most people suggest this niche-blogging but I am not someone who does it but I still get big upvotes on most of my quality posts (BECAUSE I SELL IT). So if you want advice from someone else who are into niche blogging, you can watch this video.

(Video credit: Brandon Frye via YouTube)



6. Just have fun and don't take Steemit seriously if you can.

I have been, time and again, disappointed on Steemit. Expecting big upvotes is the mother of all heartaches on that website so remember to just have fun and play with the site. If not, you will end up like me, disillusioned, disappointed and hurt that some of my well-researched post were not blessed with very big juicy upvotes. Why? Well recently because I didn't sell one of my latest long post, thinking I've earned my merit to be "automatically" upvoted  and found by curators and sit on my butt waiting for the rain to come. Hahaha, stooopid thought but all part of my Steemit experiment.

how_to_earn_steem(Photo credit via Pixabay)


Why do I even stay there, you might say. Well I still haven't learned my lesson. Writing this hopefully will make me learn my lesson and remind me not to take that site seriously just to earn some SBD/STEEM.

Hey if you've got nothing better to do then join the site but DO NOT EXPECT TO BE RICH OFF of STEEMIT if you will not put in your effort and money (by investing in the site) to have big or substantial Steem Power (SP). That's the only way for you to avoid all the heartaches we the-not-so-rich people experience everyday in that site.

It's not worth earning anything there if you have to do the hula hoop all the time. It is only worth being there if you join contests and have fun with online friends to forget about earning big upvotes on your quality posts. Joining contests there will keep you entertained and take your mind off those juicy upvotes knowing you have a chance to win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize SBD/STEEM or even consolation prizes however much that would be.

Who knows? Joining a contest might make someone notice you and decide to give you a big fat upvote out of the blue. It happened to me, it can happen to you too.

Bonus tip: Find out which posts are most likely to get upvoted by the big shots and write more of those posts. Good luck!

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