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Life's short and things burn, all the more so especially when you're near a fire-spitting demon. Meet Morg, a playful trickster, sent on a mission to collect as many shards as possible.

Out of all the little devils that cause chaos and dismay, Morg was elected chief and as such he was chosen to be the hero of the day in the shard hunt. While power is important for this little devil, more or less, Morg also has another motive in mind. As much as he likes setting things ablaze, there's nothing more welcoming to him than the fresh smell of marshmallows and seeing as the shard controls the magical energy of all creatures, he can no longer make a proper fire...What's left of his once proud fireball is merely a sparkling and he wishes to repair the Power Gem in the hopes of a real feast.

Help Morg reclaim his once mighty powers, so that the world would be filled with magic once again... and marshmallows.

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