Moringa The Super Vegetable

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Moringa "Malunggay": The Miracle Vegetable

Do you know that Moringa or Malunggay is very nutritious? It is healthy and can be propagated easily in our home backyard. Moringa is good for making soup, tea, as vegetable and versatile ingredient for smoothies and beverages, bread, cakes, pastries, and many others.

Here is one of the easy and simple ways in preparing and making Moringa Tea:
1. First get few stems of moringa;
2. Wash the leaves thoroughly while still on the stems for convenient washing;
3. Remove the leaves from the stems;
4. Boil the leaves in three glasses of water;
5. You now have your moringa tea, serve and drink while still hot;
6. Add raw honey if desired and available but it's optional.



Moringa has many health benefits in our body. Here are some of them:

A. The leaves of moringa are full packed with Calcium and Iron. We all knew that calcium strengthens our bones and teeth and it helps prevent osteoporosis. While Iron on the other hand, boosts our blood and fights against anemia.
B. Moringa is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Viramin C, Protein and Potassium. These important nutrients are known as antioxidants which boost our immune system, fight against stress, and prevent free radicals that cause aging.
C. Compared to other fruits and vegetables, Moringa has more vitamins and minerals. That is the main reason why it is called miracle vegetable or super vegetable.

Moringa has also other medical benefits that we must be aware of:
1. It strengthens and boosts the immune system. We must eat one (1) cup of moringa leaves everyday to supplement and sustain the nutrients that our body needs.
2. For mothers that are breastfeeding, moringa can help lactating women produce more milk for their babies. They must eat one (1) cup of moringa leaves everyday. They can also make moringa tea, smoothies and other beverages.
3. For constipation, eat one (1) up to two (2) cups of moringa leaves at night. This will help normalize your bowel movement the following day.

Moringa is indeed a super vegetable which has vast health benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Include Moringa in your daily dietary consumption.

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