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It is one of my English coures programs to help students' English skill especially in speaking, because with this program, the students not only study but also can refresh their mind while take a walk. We go to one of the famous nice place in Pare that many people name it with "TANSU SHOP" it means the shop that selles ketan susu.

Arriving in that place we don't directly have breakfast, but we ask some students to give conclusion and giving opinion about the topic given by me. I gave the tittle " spending weekend" . some students are ineterested in speaking and giving opinion about this topic because they really like spending weekene with their friends either at home or campus.

After all students come forward to explain about the topic given, we take picture togetehr for memory when we have gone home to our own home next time because we are not native pare but we just comer from different cities in Indonesia.

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