Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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According to the report from Infusionsoft, small businesses say 'Customer referrals/Word of mouth' is the most effective marketing strategy.

The report based on the data from a survey of 408 small business infusionsoft customers (50% B2C-focused, 28% B2B, and 22% mixed)

Effective Marketing Strategies

62% Customer referrals/Word of mouth

34% Email to our own list

25% Networking

23% Social media

14% Search engine marketing (SEO/SEM)

13% Content marketing (blog, FAQ, webinars, etc.)

12% Direct mail/flyers

12% Events or event sponsorships

8% Print ads

8% Pay-per-click ads (PPC)

2% TV/radio ads

7% Other

6% None of the above

Source: MarketingProfs


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