Most famous cities of Pakistan

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 Hey guys! Kiran Abid is here with another interesting blog. I m good and hope to all of you are safe and sound. As much of you are not familiar with my country Pakistan so, I try to write something about that. This blog is about the famous cities of my homeland. I have given an introduction to the most famous cities we have in Pakistan. Each city is unique and has something special in it. I hope you guys like this.


^Most famous cities of Pakistan^

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"If there is a heaven on earth, it is here.It is here."


Pakistan is a world second largest Muslim country. This country is famous for its culture and languages. It comes into existence in 1947. It is situated in the middle of the world thus enjoying a lot of benefits. Pakistan is the only country which enjoys four seasons. The weather here is awesome.



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"There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan."

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah) 

Many beautiful places are present in Pakistan. The bulk of tourists visits Pakistan each year and get fascinated. There are many historical and ancient places in Pakistan. Meanwhile, there are many pleasing places that define the beauty of Pakistan. Now let’s discuss some of the famous cities of Pakistan.


(1)- Karachi


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Karachi is the hub of Pakistan. It is situated near the Arabian Sea. It is the densely populated city of Pakistan. It is also one of the largest cities worldwide. Karachi is often called the city of lights because of its charming life. The life in Karachi is much modern and work based. The people from all parts of the country move towards Karachi for job and labor. People from all the sectors either rich or poor are found in Karachi. This city contains each necessity of life.

"You're not a star until they can spell your name in Karachi."

(Humphrey Bogart)

The people of Karachi are active and lively because this city wouldn’t allow a lazy person to survive here. A lot of historical and other places are present in Karachi. All the media and entertainment companies are present in Karachi.



(2)- Islamabad


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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. This city is the most developed, clean and beautiful city of Pakistan. It was developed in early 1960’s.This city is the center of political parties. All the political work of the country is managed from Islamabad.

The location of the city is marvelous as it is situated in the center of hills. People of Islamabad are modern and highly educated. Internationally recognized universities are present in Islamabad. There are many pleasant places in Islamabad where visitors love to visit from all part of the world.


(3)- Peshawar


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"Peshawar was the capital of the ancient Kushan Empire and was home to what may have been the tallest building in the ancient world, the Kanishka stupa.Peshawar was then sacked by the White Huns, before the arrival of Muslim empires. The city was an important trading center during the Mughal era before serving as capital for the Durrani Empire."

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Peshawar is also a famous city of Pakistan. This city is located in valleys. Peshawar is known for its cold weather and beautiful spots. This area contains many mountains and waterfalls. This city is full of greenery. Peshawar is famous due to its moderate weather. The beauty of Peshawar is known in the whole world. The people of Peshawar are most attractive and fair.


(4)- Multan


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Multan is an ancient city of Pakistan. It is the most ancient city of the Sub-continent. Its history and existence are about five thousand years old. It is famous for its religious and historical sites. Multan is famous for its shrines. People of Multan are calm and cool. The people led a very simple life here. This city own great importance because it’s the city of mangoes. The juiciest mangoes are cultivated in Multan.


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This city is one of the hottest cities of Pakistan. A number of crops are cultivated here because the soil is full of minerals. This city is famous for many reasons.


(5)- Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the oldest cities developed in British times. This city is the third biggest city in Pakistan in the area. It owns great importance because it’s the center of industrial work. All the major industries of Pakistan are present in Faisalabad. Each type of mill is present in this city. It is primarily important for its central location as it connects many railways and roads. It is providing pathways for transportation. World best clothes are made in Faisalabad industries which then exported worldwide.


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(6)- Quetta


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Quetta is provisional capital of Pakistan. This city also locates in the center of mountains, greenery, and hills. This city is the fruit garden of Pakistan as a number of fruits are cultivated in that. Every type of dry fruit is present here. The weather of Quetta is fantabulous. The lifestyle of Quetta is really simple and decent. The people of Quetta are not much modern they led a simple life according to their culture.


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(7)- Lahore


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"I come from an enormous and very close family. I have over dozen aunts and uncles in Pakistan, dozens of cousins. I have many close friends. I have received so much love in Lahore that the city always pulls me."

(Mohsin Hamid)

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. It’s the second largest city in Pakistan with a huge population. It’s the city of colors, charms, and events. A number of events occur here on a large scale in which everyone participates. Lahore is famous for its free and easy life. The people here are jolly and loving. This city is known for its active life. This city never sleeps as people enjoy a lot here. Lahore is richest in historical heritage.

Many ancient and memorable places are there. This city is also famous for its food. The people here enjoy each moment with food and fellows. The film industry of Pakistan is working in Lahore.


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These are one of the most famous and beautiful cities of Pakistan. I tried my best to sum up all the important facts about these cities. I hope you like reading this. Thank you so much for reading this.

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