Mother after God is holiest creation

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Mother! What a holly word that all the praise is less for this word Oh! Mum you the most honest women who forgives   without any expectation.

Mother is the only person who is the object of view of a holly love.

So now the only thing that I can express about mother is her honesty.

Mother is like ocean with a great capacity, with a wide kindness area of heart, mother you the only person who has the real love, like love of God to his worshipers, mother is a friend with no tricks with no extra anticipation, with no feel of annoying.

Mother is the greatest luxury of Almighty God, to show us real generosity, the pure and real love for her child, mother scarify her tranquility and relaxation for sake of her child or children.

Mother is a sign of the great God we can see God in countenance of mother.

Love your mother to love God, mother is the first teacher of child, the only women who do not disturb is mother, a good mother is better than thousands teacher, mother is a sign of a real love that scarify all the things for her child.

Mother is a motivation of life, mother of all inheritance that we can have.

Be a real mother is really hard, is really complicated. A mother suffer a lot when she is pregnant, nine month with uncountable problems in hard period of pregnancy, and after that the harder period is coming, which is giving birth, and the hardest period after giving birth is taking a big responsibility of taking care, and starting scarifying of the joys.

Mother is the only protector , in a religious view there is a believe that after God mother is the purest and  holly one to adoration and worshiping is mother, and also God said heaven is under the feet of mothers; it means, if we try to get satisfaction of our mothers, we will get to all our wishes by pray of mother and succor of God.

words are less for praise and admirations of mothers. no one can be like mother in kindness point of veiw even fathers.


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