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Usually the word mother is used for the personality which carries her baby for almost nine months without any sigh and then gives birth to child. The alternative words used for mother in different languages are “Amma”, “Maa”, “Mom”, “Mummy”, “Mata” and “Mama” etc.It can be seen that it is almost similar in all the languages. It is the first word spoken by any child belongs to any caste of any country.

 The mother is the most important person in our life and it is special gift of God for us. Mothers are queens of their houses and they make house heaven their love and affection. One can get every kind of love and emotion but once the mother is lost no can again find her love. Karl Lagerfeld said that : “The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” Mother prays for the prosperity of her children without any demand.

Mothers keep their children united and every one feels secure in the warmth of her lap. They are always there to support their children to overcome the hardships of life. There is always hope in the eyes of mothers which gives willpower to their children to face the hardest challenges of life. They share the worries of their r children but never express or complain about their pain.

Every comfort ,every happiness is due to the presence of mother in our life. Mother is the most precious and loveable person in this world. A mother is an angel, a mother is the best teacher, a mother is child’s best friend, a mother is a doctor which cure every pain of body and soul, a mother is the most sacred person which deserves respect and love. A tribute to mothers of whole world..

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