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Hello Everyone! I am here again with another interesting content. I often used to watch motivational videos whenever I get down. Motivational quotes or videos help me gain energy. Because of these motivational things failure can never break me. In this blog, you would be able to read about motivation. It will also help you teach the fundamental importance of motivation. So, let’s start the subject.


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"Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one's direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. A motive is what prompts the person to act in a certain way, or at least develop an inclination for specific behavior."

source: wikipedia

Motivation means the urge or passion of changing the impossible subjects to possible ones. A man would be able to achieve great things when he owns a strong urge for that. Motivation is no more than a positive thought. It’s the spirit that enables you to get up even after getting failure 99 times. Motivation allows you to think positive in all circumstances and show you new ways.


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Each one of us gets down on and off. Sometimes we break too badly, that we thought it’s all over. These devastating situations get away all the hopes from us. At that moment, we need something that fuels our passion and rebuilt our broken pieces.


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A person can be successful only when he is able to reconstruct himself. Failure comes to those who don’t have to courage to face it. But great people face failure and continue their journey towards success.


oOo Importance of Motivation oOo

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"A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning."

(Pat Riley)

As the quote demonstrates the value of motivation. Motivation is important in one’s life. Without motivation, you can do well but with motivation, you can conquer the world. Conquering the world is possible only when your spirit is enormous and you want to achieve high goals.

Motivation is a factor that boosts you to be determinant in all areas of life. After every failure, it’s the motivation that whisper in your ears “Try again”. As it’s a famous proverb:

“Try, try again, till you succeed.”

There are many benefits or advantages of motivation. From all that, a few of them are discussed below including:


1. Motivation energize


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Everything needs some fuel or driven force to work. Equipment or machinery that is not fueled become idle. Similarly, a person also loses his energy with time due to failures or mishaps. If this energy is not refilled at the time, the person goes into the dark.


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For preserving yourself from darkness boosting yourself is much important. You can energize yourself by motivation. Read, see or hear something that opens the door of hope for you. Listen to those who believe in you and ask you to get up one more time. This is what a motivation does. It gives you a new hope of positivity and success.


2. Motivation turn Impossible to possible

A famous quote says:

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. 

(Norman Vincent Peale)

It’s our mind that makes things possible and impossible. The tasks that are a bit difficult we called them impossible. But, many people in front of us have made these impossible things possible. Only the urge inside you can make you turn impossible to possible.


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 When you are motivated you can do anything one can even imagine. So, motivation is really important to get extra-ordinary rewards.


3. Motivation keeps consistent


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 A  motivated person can never stop. Making lame excuses is not a hobby of motivated persons. A person can make excuses when he wanted to get rid of his responsibilities. While a determinant person breaks all the chains of laziness and keeps moving forward. He consistently does his work regularly because he knows if he wastes his time today, he will never be able to achieve what he dreamed of.


4. Motivation make work pleasant


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Sometimes work is a stressful thing and we do it unlikely. That moment when you do your allocated tasks without heart you can never give your best. But when you are motivated or your aims are clear in front of you, you do these tasks with full concentration. You feel good while doing your job. Work start pleasing you when you are having positive energy inside you.


5. Motivation make you positive person


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 We see many people in our surrounding that always think negatively. These peoples always look on the darker aspects rather than focusing on the brighter ones. Almost 40% of our surrounding is that mentality. Meanwhile, many other people who think positive are also present. They ignore the bitter sides and always look on the pleasant things. This positivity can found only in a motivated person.


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 Only a motivated person can say you that “Don’t worry buddy! Everything will be fine.” This is the revolution that motivation does in our self and in our thinking. You become a positive person with anonymous energy. Negativity gets away from you.

So, motivation can help you in many ways to get better results. Life is completely transformed when our motivation levels are high. Don’t get hurt on bad events rather keep yourself calm in all situations. Everything will just get well if we don’t hit it severely on our mind.


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With that, I really appreciate that person in our lives which are like energy boosters. I m grateful to all those loved ones.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope all of you get what I want to portray. Stay connected to further posts. I will be back soon.

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