motivation to achieve goals

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There are millions of people in the world. Everyone has its own dreams; everyone wants to do something in his life, to achieve something or to gain someone’s respect. Some of us like to be a sportsman, some like to be journalist, and some are interested in entertainment etc. But to achieve something we need motivation. Motivation is the one thing that continuously reminds us to do what we have dreamed off.

Before going deep we need to know what motivation is. The word motivation means to accept something from heart, to show your eagerness towards something that how curious you are to gain it .The motivation can come from anywhere i.e. from any personality like sportsman, politician, musician, artist, engineer etc. or from any past or present event.

Motivation is the one thing that helps us to set our goals. The goals can only be achieved by strong motivation and will power. Goal is the thing that we have dreamed simple words we can say that the goal is the one that we want to achieve. For example if anybody wants to be a pilot then his goal will be to become a pilot and its motivation will be the force that forces him to become a pilot.

Most of the people live in the world of fantasies. They all wanted to become a superman but they want all this without any effort. The worst enemy in the life of anyone is he (himself).Almost 80 percent creative ideas dies with the people because they didn’t tell anyone about their ideas. They underestimated themselves the whole time and their ideas ends with themselves in  graves.

If we want to achieve something in life, first of all we need strong motivation to set our goals and then we had to work day and night for it. Life is full of failures, but we don’t have to worry about them, because these failures led us to the right path.


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