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Motivation is the backbone of an organization. Without motivation employees cannot work properly. It is necessary to motivate the employees so that they gave their best. Without employees hardworking a company cannot achieve success. Every employee in the organization is reasonable for its success and achieving the desired goal. Employees can be motivated by different ways.


The first way is performance appraisal. Employee needs assessment for their work done. If employer evaluation the employee it makes him motivated and he tries to do more better work heartily. Consideration can be done by different ways. Making appraisal charts, making appraisal graphs, keeping appraisal diary. These appraisal items are checked at regular intervals like weekly or monthly. And then result is shown to employees.


Second way of motivation is to provide feedback to employee. It is also a better way of motivating the employees. Feedback can resolves issues. And it also improves the work of employee. Feedback can be for positive and negative points. It is helpful in improving mistakes. Third way of motivation is to provide bonus. Bonus is given to employees on festivals or yearly half yearly or quarterly according to organization policies.


Bonus is considered best then increases in salary. Because increase in salary increase monthly expense of employee after one or two months but bonus gave benefit to employee. Fourth way of motivation is promotion. Promotion means increase in responsibilities of employee with increase in designation and salary. When employee gave his best and complete the tasks on time and his performance is best for the organization then he is promoted to higher designation.


Employee became happy and shows his best performance than before. It is the finest way of motivating the employee. Fifth way of motivation is the awarding award to employee as best employee in annual function of an organization. In this way employee also motivate and work more hard for an organization. 

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